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Hey there. I was so saddened to hear of Jackie Pallett's passing. Although I had many teachers that were great, she was by far my favorite. With her innovative yet unconventional teaching ways she was like no other. Free spirit and whimsical ideas, she was so very likeable, I feel. Anyone that went to Jurupa Hills elementary and had her for the 4th grade knows what I mean. May she R.I.P..
 Miriam Appelbaum

Hi Miriam! Before they paved Sierra over Jurupa Hills we used to ride horses on the dirt road there. I also remember a scary ride in my brother's car over the hill -- before pavement!
 Nancy Shane Price

con't. at nighttime. And remember around the hill to the right when it did go through, was that lost lake? Went up there a time or two, and it had the weirdest vibe there. People used to say that there were cars buried in the lake; then skip to today, they put a golf course back in there, with the entrance at Sierra. It seems so strange to see that there.It's called Oak something-or-other.
 Miriam A.

Hey folks; Do you remember when Sierra Ave. didn't even go through? There must have been an old farm or house at the top, because you could always see a light there where the dip in the hill was.
 Miriam A.

I remember when I was on the make-up crew of a few productions at Fohi. I was on the one for "Bye Bye Birdie". Tony Webb was pretty talented and a good guy.
 Miriam A

 Ray Coccia

Damn that would have been an awfully big raccoon to make that coat Debbie is wearing. And no one has said the obvious. What's the name of the raccoon in the cage. Is he Rocky Raccoon?

this picture scares me very much......
 Ray Coccia

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